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  • Shenzhen

    Shenzhen is a city that Deng Xiaoping established in 1979 to experiment with market reform and it is located in the southern tip of the Guangdong Province adjacent to Hong […]

  • Shanghai City

    Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River and is the largest city in terms of population in all of China. Known as the Paris of the East, […]

  • Zhuang Ethnic Minority

    With around 18 million people, the Zhuang make up the largest ethnic minority group in China. Most Zhuang people live in the Guangxi Autonomous Zone, which is in the southeastern […]

  • Henan Province

    Henan province is situated in the northeastern part of China and has the largest population of any province totaling 106 million (2013 data). Its name literally means south of the […]

  • Chengdu

    Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan Province and, along with the city of Chongqing, it serves as an important economic, cultural and transportation hub in Western China. The city’s […]

  • Tibetan Language

    Tibetan is the official language of the Tibetan Autonomous Region and the most widely spoken language in the region; it is also spoken in Nepal and India. There are approximately […]

  • Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Tibet

    With vast territory, spectacular natural sceneries and unique cultural landscapes, Tibet has been one of must-see places for many tourists. In this sacred land you have too many tourist spots […]

  • Pingyao Ancient City

    Pingyao Ancient City (Chinese:平遥古城) in central Shanxi province was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Though Pingyao is just a small town, it was a famous financial center of […]

  • Mount Emei

    Mount Emei (or Emei Shan) is located in southwest of central China’s Sichuan Province. It is known as one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Mount Emei was […]

  • Mount Huangshan

    Mount Huangshan (Chinese: 黄山, English:Yellow Mountain) is located in southern Anhui Province. Known as “the loveliest mountain of China,” Mount Huangshan was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1990. […]

  • Top 6 Souvenirs to Buy in Guilin

    Well known for its gorgeous scenery, the lovely southern China’s city Guilin provides travellers with a wide range of souvenirs. Zhuang Embroidery, Painted Fans , Sanhua Liquor  and so many […]

  • Top 5 Shows You Need to Watch in Yunnan

    Yunnan has many original performances.  Each nationality has its own unique cabaret, reflecting different cultures and ethnic customs. Naxi Ancient Music, Bai Ethnic Rattle-stick Dance, Impression Lijiang Show and other […]


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