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  • Id Kah Mosque

    The Id Kah Mosque is located on the central square in Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region. ‘Id Kah’ means ‘a place of praying and celebrating in festivals’. The Id […]

  • Karakuli Lake

    Karakuli Lake is 190 kilometers from Kashgar. It is 3,600 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Maztagata Mountain, Karakuli means” black sea” in the local dialect, and […]

  • Jiaohe Ruins

    Jiaohe Ruins are located 13 kilometers west of Turpan city, Xinjiang province. The name ‘Jiaohe’ refers to the two rivers that join together in the southern part of the town. […]

  • Karez Well, Turpan

    Karez Well systems reflect ancient people’s diligence and intelligence. At its peak, the karez irrigation system extended 5,000 km and was also referred to as ‘the underground Great Wall’. The […]

  • Grape Valley in Turpan

    The charming Grape Valley is located among the Flaming Hill, about 10 kilometers north of Turpan, Xinjiang Province. It is a valley which is about 7 kilometers long and 2 […]

  • Mount Nan Pasture

    Mount Nan Pasture is located 60 kilometers from Urumqi at the mountainous area in the north of Mt. Tianshan. From east to west, there are over ten valleys dotting the […]

  • Heavenly Lake

    110 km (68miles) east of Urumqi, in the middle of Bogda Peak, the crescent-shaped Heavenly Lake lake deserves its name, Pearl of Heavenly Mountain (Tianshan Mountain). It is about 1,980 […]


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