Karakuli Lake is 190 kilometers from Kashgar.

Karakuli Lake is 190 kilometers from Kashgar. It is 3,600 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Maztagata Mountain,

Karakuli means” black sea” in the local dialect, and resembles a glittering pearl embedded among the alpine peaks, reflecting the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Its surrounding mountains Muztagata is 7,546 meters above sea level, and the Gongeer Peak is 7,719 meters above sea level. Muztagata is among the 10 highest mountains of the world. And its steep and snow-covered appearance gives it an exotic style of mountain. Especially from the lake Karakuli side, people can see two Muztagata at the same time: one is the real Muztagata, and the other is the crystal reflection of it.

Over the years this has become one of the best destinations for horse-back trekking and mountain climbing. A leisurely walk along the lake is also refreshing and pleasant. There are a few villages nearby. The local Kiegiz people are friendly and hospitable.