How to book a tour?

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What is the tipping practice for visitors to China?

It is a common practice for visitors to tip the tour guide and driver in recognition of their good service.
Our suggestion to the tips would be:
1 person in the group, CNY150-200,
2 people in a group: CNY100/person,
3-5 people in a group: CNY50-70/person,
6-9 people in a group: CNY40-50/person,
≥10 people in a group: CNY20-30/person.
The driver would be half the amount, and separate offer to each is best.

How to make payment?

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What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your confirmed booking in written letter. Cancellation or failing to pay the full cost by the due time will lead losses as follows:
50 days to 30 days before the arrival day, the penalty is 20%;
29 days to 15 days –  25%;
14 days to 10 days – 30%;
9 days to 2 days – 50%;
2  days to 1 day  – 70%.
On the arrival date – 100%

How can I get a Tibet Travel Permit?

Foreigners must be on an organized tour in order for a Tibet Travel Permit to be issued, which is usually done about ten days prior to arrival in Tibet. Foreigners need to provide their travel agencies with copies of valid passports and visas and also some additional information, so their travel agencies can apply for the permits.

Is a Tibet Travel Permit necessary to enter Lhasa?

All non-Chinese passport holders and non-Chinese ID holders must have a Tibet Travel Permit. People who have Hong Kong passports and Macau passports do not need Tibet Travel Permits.