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  • Top 5 Shows You Need to Watch in Yunnan

    Yunnan has many original performances.  Each nationality has its own unique cabaret, reflecting different cultures and ethnic customs. Naxi Ancient Music, Bai Ethnic Rattle-stick Dance, Impression Lijiang Show and other […]

  • Top 6 Must-try Food When Travel to Yunnan

    Yunnan food, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many Yunnan dishes use fresh materials and reflect the subtle, […]

  • Main Tourist Attractions of Yunnan Province

    Yunnan, literally means “South of the Clouds,” is a beautiful place that every traveler must visit. Yunnan has the beautiful place described as Shambhala in James Hilton`s book Lost Horizon, […]

  • Top 10 Yunnan Travel Tips

    1. Pay attention to your bags and personal items in crowded place to avoid being stolen. 2. Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, so solar radiation is quite strong. […]

  • What to Pack for Trip to Yunnan

    Yunnan with its complicated terrain has a diverse climate, embracing temperate, tropical and rigid zones in one province. Yunnan’s climate is characterized by small seasonal change in temperature, great difference […]

  • Top 5 Must See Places of Yunnan

    For those who have never been to Yunnan before, it can be quite confusing trying to find where to visit for Yunnan has so many tourist attractions. Here we recommend […]

  • Top 6 Souvenirs of Yunnan

    When travel to China’s Yunnan Province, you really should take some Yunnan specialties to friends and your family. Do you know what specialties to buy in Yunnan? 1. Xuanwei Ham […]

  • Yuanyang Terraces

    Located about 300km south of Kunming,Yuanyang Terraces lies in Yuanyang County, southeastern Yunnan province. With a total area of 11,000 hectares, Yuanyang Terraces is regarded as the largest and most […]

  • Stone Forest

    Stone Forest (Shilin 石林 in Chinese) is 83km from Kunming and has a complete range of karst formations. Both Chinese and overseas geologists have proved that the Stone Forest is […]


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