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  • Lost and Stolen Passports in China

    Passports are very important when you live in China. You don’t just need them to prove you are allowed in the country, you need them for many everyday things. Using […]

  • Chinese New Year Superstitions

    The Chinese New Year is the most popular and important festival of the year. People of all ages look forward to it all year and when it finally comes they […]

  • The History of Chinese New Year

    The history of the Chinese New Year has been long forgotten, but that doesn’t diminish the excitement and anticipation felt by Chinese people for this amazing festival. Chinese New Year […]

  • Chinese New Year Decorations

    China’s New Year Festival is the biggest and most important festival of the year. An essential part of every Chinese New Year is the Chinese New Year Decorations that each […]

  • China’s 14 Bordering Countries

    China has a long land border and has 14 neighboring countries in total. Now let us check one by one. Russia- Russia is the largest country in the world geographically […]

  • Eating Peking Duck

    There is an old Chinese chengyu (Chinese saying) that states, “If it looks like a Peking duck, swims like a Peking duck, and quacks like a Peking duck, then it […]

  • Shaolin Monks and Temple

    Batuo was the first abbot of the Shaolin Monastery; he arrived from India in 480 AD, preaching Buddhist principles for thirty years. He believed that Buddhist principles were best taught […]

  • Get to Know Hutongs

    The word Hutong is derived from the Mongolian word Hotog, which translates to “water well” and historically people have flocked to these locations because of the importance of being proximate […]

  • Dream of the Red Chamber

    Dream of the Red Chamber is one of China’s four classical novels. The others are Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Journey to the West. Written during the […]

  • China – The Invention of Paper

    The invention of paper took place in central China during the Han dynasty (206BC – 220AD). Cai Lun is widely credited as the first person to produce paper as we […]

  • The Magic of Mekong – A river trip from China to Vietnam

    Asia is a beautiful and immense continent with a wide variety of terrains, landscapes and even cityscapes at every turn. How better to experience the full flavor of the region […]

  • Chengyu Chinese Idioms

    Chengyu are four or five character expressions in the Chinese language that are similar to idioms in the English language and an estimated 5,000 to 20,000 exist. They are derived […]


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