The Chinese New Year is the most popular and important festival of the year. People of all ages look forward to it all year and when it finally comes they go all out. The Chinese New Year’s festivities last fifteen days, and preparations beginning weeks in advance. The Chinese New Year is a time filled with traditions and superstitions with thousands of years of history. Many of the origins of which have been lost over the ages. Although many people do not believe in the superstitions, they are still followed.

Chinese New Year SuperstitionsIt is believed that all debts need to be repaid before Chinese New Year and nothing should be lent on New Year’s Day because it is believed that if they do, they will be lending all year.

It is believed that crying should be avoided at all costs on the Chinese New Year’s Day because it means that the person will have terrible things happen to them all year which will cause them to cry. Even children who are misbehaving are not punished because parents do not want them to cry on the Chinese New Year’s Day.

Foul language or negative or unlucky words have to be avoided during the Chinese New year. Many Chinese words sound the same as negative words and these things must not be mentioned either. The word four must be avoided and nothing can be offered in sets of four because the Chinese word for “four” has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for “death”. Many people consider it bad luck to purchase a pair of shoes during the Chinese New Year because the word “shoes” has the same pronunciation as the word “Evil”. Purchasing books is also considered unlucky because the word for “book” is pronounced the same as the word “lose”. Talking about death, sickness, or problems should be avoided because they mean that these things will haunt you in the New Year.

Personal appearance and cleanliness is considered very important during the Chinese New Year, especially on New Year’s Day. It is believed that it is unlucky for people to wash their hair on New Year’s Day because all of the good luck for the New Year will be washed away. Red clothing is preferred on New Year’s Day. This tradition dates back thousands of years. According to the origin legends of the Chinese New Year, a monster named Nian used to come down from the mountains on New Year’s Day and devour livestock and people. It was found that he was afraid of the color red and therefore avoided people wearing red clothing. Ever since then red clothing has been the favored choice for the Chinese New Year. Now, it is believed that by wearing red on New Year’s Day will ensure that the wearer will have a bright and happy year. You can find the real Chinese New Year superstitions in Beijing.

It is also believed that the first person met and the first words spoken on New Year’s Day will be a sign as to what can be expected in the New Year. It is also believed that it is unlucky to greet someone in their bedroom, so even the elderly and sick will be moved to the living room on New Year’s Day.

It is believed that using Knives and scissors on New Year’s Day is bad luck believed using them will cut off the New Year’s fortune.

Every house is cleaned before the Chinese New Year for good luck on the coming year, but it cannot be cleaned for the first several days of the New Year for fear of sweeping away good luck in the New Year.

It is also believed that wearing a new pair of slippers bought before New Year’s Day is a good idea because it symbolizes stepping on the people who might gossip about you.

For the very superstitious, an almanac will be consulted on New Year’s Day to find the most auspicious time to leave home and in which direction they should go when heading out to visit family and friends.

There are hundreds of Chinese New Year superstitions. Each area of China has its own unique superstitions. Many superstitions are no longer followed. Today most Chinese people do not believe in them, however they are still kept because it is these superstitions that connect them with their past and are an important part of their family’s history.