Yunnan food, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many Yunnan dishes use fresh materials and reflect the subtle, rounded taste of southeast Chinese. Below are several most famous dishes you must try when traveling to Yunnan.

1. Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles

Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles

Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles is one of the most famous dishes from Yunnan Province. Its soup is made with natural hen, pig bone and ham and needs to be boiled for over 6 hours. This local dish would be served in a big pot, in which the hot soup is prepared and sliced chicken, fish, pork go after, and finally the vegetables and rice noodle.

2. Wild Mushroom Dish

Wild Mushroom Dish

Yunnan is host to various kinds of fresh wild mushrooms. Its mushrooms top around the world in quality, quantity, and diversity.  One most famous mushroom dish is Braised Jizong (mushroom) in Soy Sauce.

3. Dou Men Fan

dou men fan

Dou Men Fan is kind of famous food in Yunnan. The materials include stir fried fresh horse beans, sliced hams and some cooked rice. Add water to boil the mixtures and then stew them by slow fire. At last, add ingredients to stir fry them until all materials are well mixed.

4. Qi Guo Ji

qi guo ji

Qi Guo Ji means steamed chicken. The chicken is steamed in special pottery boiler from Yunnan. Usually, the steamed chicken is added with some Chinese medicinal materials such as panax notoginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus and so on. Steam for about 3 hours or until chicken is completely tender and well covered with broth.

5. Shao Er Kuai

Shao Er Kuai

Shao Er Kuai means roasted rice cake (Er Kuai), Er Kuai is made of quality rice, pressed into its form after the rice is cooked. People usually roast it over a charcoal fire and serve it with some jam on the top. It is sold as the popular street food in Yunnan.

6. Da Jiu Jia

da jiu jia

“Da Jiu Jia” is a kind of snack cooked with Erkuai, which is very popular in Tengchong City. Cut the Erkuai into diamond shape, and fried it with pork, ham, pickled Chinese cabbage, spinach, tomato, egg, pickled chili pepper and etc. And it is usually served with a bowl of soup of pork and picked cabbage.