zhengzhou city
Zhengzhou City

Henan province is situated in the northeastern part of China and has the largest population of any province totaling 106 million (2013 data). Its name literally means south of the river, referring to its proximity to the Yellow River. Major cities in Henan include capital city Zhengzhou, Anyang, Kaifeng, Nanyang and Luoyang. Many of China’s ancient dynasties ruled from the Henan province, hence it has been called the cradle of Chinese civilization. Vast majority of people in Henan are Han Chinese, while a small percentage of Hui and Mongols make up the population.

The capital of the province is Zhengzhou, which is considered one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China. Roughly 4 million people inhabit the capital. Coal mining and energy production are two of the biggest industries in the capital. Textile operations and the manufacturing of tractors, locomotives and fertilizers also make up a large percentage of industry in this city. Zhengzhou boasts of one of the oldest Confucian Temples in China, being roughly 1900 years old. Fifty miles south of Zhengzhou is the Shaolin Monastery, which is home to Kung Fu.

In Henan, the coal mining industry produces 145 million tons of coal per year valued roughly at 60 billion RMB.

Twenty five large wholesale markets exist throughout Henan with more than 6,000 retail markets. The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is the largest wholesale market and the first standardized commodity market of grain in the nation. The Zhengzhou price on grain dictates the market for the price of grain in China and helps international traders as well.

Henan supplies China with the majority of its beef, cotton, pork, animal oil, and corn. Reportedly, 90% of Yum Brands (KFC) ingredients come from this province. In addition, farmers cultivate grain, wheat and oil seed in Henan.

With an annual GDP of 12% and per capita GDP of 25,000 RMB, Henan relies heavily on five corporations to produce economic growth. Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining Company mines, processes and distributes coal. Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Company processes pork. Hualan Biological Engineering Company researches, produces and sells blood related products such as vaccines. Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group manufactures mining equipment. Henan Shenhuo Coal & Power Company processes and distributes coal as well as aluminum.

Cuisine in Henan has a distinctive flavor because it is a mix of Jiangsu and Beijing. It includes the heavy use of onions, pork as the staple meat, rice served with animal oil fat, as well as rice vermicelli.