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Month: April 2012

  • 5-Day Beijing Panorama Tour

    Beijing is China’s political, economic, cultural and international communication centre. Beijing a famous ancient city with several dynasties making it as its capital. There are lots of unparalleled things to […]

  • 4-Day Imperial Beijing Tour

    Beijing was the imperial capital for Ming and Qing Dynasties for about 500 years, the city served as the center of empire and witnessed the ups and downs of the […]

  • Summer Palace & Badaling Great Wall Bus Tour – $30

    Notice: This tour is not available at present,  you can check our other day tours at Beijing Coach Tours . We have different packages to meet you special request. This classic join-in Beijing […]

  • Beijing Subways

    The Beijing subway is easy to use and rapidly expanding. Here we will share some tips on how to ride in Beijing subway. How to get to the subway In […]

  • Getting around Beijing on Foot

    Taking a stroll in Beijing can be hard work. The main boulevard, Chang’an Dajie, is a soulless and windswept thoroughfare, and the rest of town seems to be a huge […]

  • Biking in Beijing

    Cycling in Beijing is an ideal and green method of transportation for visitors. It is flexible and tourists can ride a bike to different tourist sites at leisure. You can […]

  • Beijing car rental

    The driving licenses issued by other countries are not valid in China. Those with the driving licenses issued in China can be allowed to rent cars and should follow the […]

  • Beijing taxi

    Taxis in Beijing are readily available. Licensed taxis have signs on their roofs and a laminated card on the dashboard with the driver`s photograph, service number and name. The plate […]

  • Beijing railway stations

    Beijing is the heart of China`s extensive rail network, The capital has 3 main stations, Beijing Station(北京火车站), Beijing West Station(北京西站)and Beijing South Station(北京南站), which serve major destinations. Be sure to […]

  • Beijing bus

    Bus transport in Beijing is constantly improving. At the same time there are plenty of tired and jam-packed buses plying the crowded roads of the Chinese capital. Fares are low […]

  • Beijing Airport Information

    Beijing Capital International Airport 北京首都国际机场 (Beijing shoudu guoji jichang) Address: Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, Capital Airport, Beijing, China. Zip Code: 100621 Airport Inquiry Tel:010-96158 Website: Beijing Airport […]

  • Beijing Opera, Kung-fu & Acrobatics Theaters

    Beijing Opera , Kung-fu &  Acrobatics are highlights of  Beijing culture. All of them are must if you want to explore beijing deeply. Here are the most famous theaters: Beijing […]


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