Beijing Capital International Airport
北京首都国际机场 (Beijing shoudu guoji jichang)
Address: Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, Capital Airport, Beijing, China.
Zip Code: 100621
Airport Inquiry Tel:010-96158

Beijing Airport Terminals

Terminal 1
Terminal 1 features baggage claim, security checkpoints, check-in, ticket counters, and a host of restaurants and retail shops. Both arrival and departure flights leave Terminal 1. Airport shuttle buses are located outside the terminal hall, and provide free transfer service to Terminal 2. This terminal hall also contains a full-service business center, smoking lounge, and 24-hour medical center.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is located opposite Terminal 1 and contains security checkpoints, check-in, ticket counters, ground transportation, and baggage claim. Several eateries and retail shops operate inside this terminal hall, and bus services provide continuous service to Terminal 1. Other features of Terminal 2 include changing room, smoking lounge, and business center.

Terminal 3
Terminal 3 is said to be the biggest building in the world and is 17% bigger than the combined floor space of all of Heathrow’s terminals 1, 2, 3, 4 and the new Terminal 5. Terminal 3 and the Ground Transportation Centre (GTC) together enclose a floor area of approximately 1.3 million square meters, mostly under a single roof.For example, shading reduces the need for cooling and south-east orientated skylights to make the most of natural heat and available light. Solar panels will be a heat source and dual-water systems will preserve water.

Airport Transport

Beijing Airport Subway :
A new metro link to the city center is available. Ticket price is 25 yuan (USD3).It will take about 16 minutes from the airport to Xizhimen subway station.

First & Last Train on Airport Line

Station name To To Airport
First train Last train First train Last train
Dong Zhi Men 6:00 22:30
San Yuan Qiao 6:52 23:27 6:04 22:34
Terminal 1 of Beijing
Capital Airport
6:21 22:51
Terminal 1 of Beijing
Capital Airport
6:35 23:10


Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus 

The Airport-City Shuttle Bus departs from outside Arrivals and takes five routes into the city: Xidan, Gongzhufen, Fangzhuang, Beijing Railway Station and Zhongguancun. The most popular route is to Xidan in central Beijing, a short walk from the Forbidden City. The shuttle also stops at some major hotels. The airport shuttle bus ticket is 16 yuan (USD 2.5)  (Tel: 010-64594375/76)

Beijing Capital Airport Line -Tianjin: 07:00~10:00 hourly, 10:45~23:00 every 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Ticket price is RMB 80.

Beijing Capital Airport Line –Tanggu: No.15 Gate, 1F of T2;  No.3 Gate, 1F of T3  Depart from Capital airport at 10:30, 13:00, 18:30, 20:30  Ticket price  RMB90  about 3 hours drive.

More shuttle buses to other cities please visit

Beijing Airport Taxi:

Metered taxis are available at the officially designated taxi ranks. Journey time to the city center is between 45 and 60 minutes, dependent on traffic conditions. Passengers are advised to have the destination address either written in Chinese or marked clearly on a map. It will cost 150yuan (USD22) from airport to the city center.

Beijing Airport Transfer:

Transfer Service for 1-2 Party :
Red Flag: USD 40 per car
Hyundai: USD 40 per car
Audi A6: USD 75 per car
Mercedes S320: USD 130 per car

Beijing Airport Layover Tours

Airport Hotels

The Airport Garden Hotel (tel: +86 10 6456 3388) and the Capital Airport Hotel (tel: +86 (0)10 6456 4562), Hilton Beijing Capital Airport Hotel  (tel: +86 10 6458 8888) are located near the airport.


Airport Bank:

Bank of China
Location: East of waiting room on 2nd floor; inside of the duty free shop on 2nd floor; middle of hall on 1st floor
Hours: 6:00 am ~ last flight
Services: Exchange of 20 kinds of money (dollar, yen, Hong Kong dollar, pound, mark, franc),deposit of foreign currency, ordinary deposit, credit card services, uses mainly Chang Cheng credit card, travelers check services, remittance and settlement of accounts.

Airport Post Office:

The post office is located west of the waiting room on 2nd floor, near the international/domestic Hong Kong departure waiting room.
Hours: 07:00 – 20:00
Services: domestic remittance, international ordinary mail, international/domestic registered post, international/domestic long distance call, fax

Lost and Found Office

If you lose something at Beijing Capital International Airport, you may contact Lost and Found Office.

Location: Terminal 2 & 1 : The north side near Room 15 on the 1st floor of Terminal 2 ;
Terminal 3: : East of Exit A in Arrival Hall on the second floor of Terminal 3

Telephone: Terminal 1 & 2: 0086-10-64598333
Terminal 3: 0086-10-64530030

Information and Help Desks:

Tourist information (tel: (010) 6456 1100) is available in the Arrivals lounge from 0830 until the end of flight operations. Hotel booking assistance is available in the arrivals hall.

Beijing Flight Terminal Information 

Terminal 1

Airlines Airline No. Terminal Online Services phone
Beijing-shanghai Air Express
Terminal 1 K
Grand China Airlines Domestic
CN Terminal 1 K
Capital Airlines
JD Terminal 1 K 95071999
Hainan Airlines Domestic
HU Terminal 1 K 950718
Tianjin Airlines
GS Terminal 1 K 950718
Spring Airlines Co., Ltd.
9C Terminal 1 K48-K49
Lucky Air Company Limited
8L Terminal 1 K


Terminal 2

Airlines Airline No. Terminal Online Services phone
Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd
JQ Terminal 2 B01-B07
Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana
AZ Terminal 2 E12-E18 4006506690
Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy Airlines
HZ Terminal 2 C16-C20 13810480355
8U Terminal 2 85325043
U8 Terminal 2 B01-B05
Cebu Pacific Air
5J Terminal 2 +63-2-70-20-888
Shanghai Airlines
FM Terminal 2 International D11-20
Domestic G12-22,H
Delta Air Lines
DL Terminal 2 A 4008-140-081
China Southern Airlines
CZ Terminal 2 International C01-10
Domestic F01-22,G07-11
Chongqing Airlines
OQ Terminal 2 G07-11,F 95539
Hainan Airlines International
HU Terminal 2 K 950718
Beijing-Shanghai Air Express
Terminal 2 H02-H08
China Eastern Airlines
MU Terminal 2 International D11-20
Domestic G12-22,H
Xiamen Airlines
MF Terminal 2 G01-06 95557
Korean Airlines
KE Terminal 2 B 4006-588-888
Continental Airlines
AF Terminal 2 B 4008-808-808
Russian International Airlines
SU Terminal 2 E
Uzbekistan Airlines
HY Terminal 2
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
KL Terminal 2 B 4008-808-222
Air Astana
KC Terminal 2 A 010-64566970
Air Koryo
JS Terminal 2 D 010-65011557
PK Terminal 2 A 010-65051681
Ethiopian Airlines Share Co.
ET Terminal 2 B 13911139497
Philippine Airlines
PR Terminal 2 A +63(632)8558888
Garuda Indonesia Airlines
GA Terminal 2 B 010-58797699
Vladivostok Air
XF Terminal 2 E
Zimbabwe Airlines
UM Terminal 2 D 010-65150495
Iran National Airlines
IR Terminal 2 E (+9821)46623233
Malaysia Airlines
MH Terminal 2 A 010-65052681
Sri Lanka Airlines
UL Terminal 2 A 010-64617208

AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines

VV Terminal 2 D 010-84580909
Turkmenistan Airlines
T5 Terminal 2 A
Vietnam Airlines
VN Terminal 2 D 010-84541196
DT Terminal 2 A 010-84580327
Air Algerie
AH Terminal 2 E
Hongkong Express Airways
UO Terminal 2 D 950715
Hongkong Airlines
HX Terminal 2 950715
Mega Global Air Services (Maldives) Pvt. Ltd.
5M Terminal 2
Airphil Express
2P Terminal 2
Juneyao airlines
HO Terminal 2 H08-H10 95520


Terminal 3

Airlines Airline No. Terminal Online Services phone
Air China
CA Terminal 3 International F01-F18,H01-16
Domestic H17-32
Team L01-10
Swiss international Airlines Ltd.
LX Terminal 3 D25-D32
South African Airways
SA Terminal 3 B01-B08
Da Lian Airlines
CA Terminal 3 International F01-F18,H01-16
Domestic H17-32
Team L01-10
Shandong Airlines
SC Terminal 3 K01-16 400-60-96777
Sichuan Airlines
3U Terminal 3 K01-16
Beijing-Shanghai Air Express
Terminal 3
Austrian Airlines
OS Terminal 3 D11-D16 4008-810-770
Scandinavian Airlines
SK Terminal 3 E01-E08
LH Terminal 3 E01-E06
Asiana Airlines
OZ Terminal 3 D25-D32 400-650-8000
Air Canada
AC Terminal 3 B16-B26 1-888-247-2262
United Airlines
UA Terminal 3 D01-D16 800-810-8282
ANA Airlines
NH Terminal 3 D17-D24 4008-82-8888
Turkish Airlines
TK Terminal 3 D23-D32 +90-212-444-0-849
Egypt Airlines
MS Terminal 3 C26-C31 010-64591303
Thai Airways International
TG Terminal 3 E08-E16
Singapore Airlines
SQ Terminal 3 E17-E25 010-64532556/57/58
AY Terminal 3 C02-C09 010-65127180
Cathay Pacific
CX Terminal 3 C17-C24
Australian Qantas Airways
QF Terminal 3 010-65679006
British Airways
BA Terminal 3 B01-B10 010-64590081/82/83
Japan Airlines
JL Terminal 3 Japan Airlines
KA Terminal 3 C21-C32 400-888-6628
Emirates Airlines
EK Terminal 3 D01-D13 010-51088696
Israel Airlines
LY Terminal 3 A13-A19 010-58797358
Qatar Airlines
QR Terminal 3 E01-E08 010-59235100
S7 Airlines
S7 Terminal 3 C01-C07 010-65529672/73
Air Macau
NX Terminal 3 B01-B05 010-64530165/66/67
China Airlines
CI Terminal 3 B01-B10
Etihad Airways
EY Terminal 3 B12-B19 010-85217988
BR Eva Air
BR Terminal 3 B18-B25
Shenzhen Airlines
ZH Terminal 3 400-88-95080
Mandarin Airlines
AE Terminal 3 400-888-6998
Air New Zealand
NZ Terminal 3 E09-E16 010-65870000
Continental Airlines
CO Terminal 3 D01-D16
Mongolia Airlines
OM Terminal 3 D17-D21 010-65079297
Ural Airlines
U6 Terminal 3 B13-B16 +86 158-01407214
American Airlines Inc.
AA Terminal 3 B18-B26
UN Terminal 3 C17-C24