Beijing Opera , Kung-fu &  Acrobatics are highlights of  Beijing culture. All of them are must if you want to explore beijing deeply.

Here are the most famous theaters:

Beijing Night Show 北京之夜剧场
Address: 1 Dayabao Hutong,
Tel: 8610-6527-2814
Large-scale imperial palace dance and operas every evening, and the restaurant
serves traditional Beijing cuisine with the unique flavor of court food.

Beijing Peking Opera Theatre 北京京剧院
Address: 30 Haihu Xili ,
Tel: 8610-6724-8222

Chaoyang Theater 朝阳剧场 (Kung Fu Show & Acrobatics)
Address: 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu, CBD/Guomao 100 meters northeast of Jingguang Center
Tel: 8610-6507-2421, 6506-8116/0837/0838
Fax: 8610-6591-9346
This spacious theater regularly hosts top of the line performances of traditional Chinese acrobatics, Peking opera and crosstalk. Its Amazing Chinese Acrobats show is renowned as among the best acrobatic shows in Beijing. Call for times and ticketing. Now you can enjoy this opera show with just USD35 including ticket and round way transfer between your hotel and theater.

Liyuan Theater 梨园剧场
Address: 1/F, Qianmen Hotel, 175 Yong’an Lu,
Tel: 8610-6301-6688, 8315-7297
Co-run by the Peking Opera Theatre, the spacious venue seats a thousand people who cram in for the carefully selected repertoire of Beijing Opera pieces. The ambiance is the closest you’ll find to the way the masses used to enjoy Beijing Opera. Be sure to check out the Peking opera’s history books, photos, masks andmusical instruments in the small exhibition hall. Now book and enjoy this fantastic Peking opera show including round way hotel-theater transfer only, total together costs just USD35 per person.

Mei Lanfang Grand Theater 梅兰芳大剧院
Address: 32 Ping’anli Xidajie ,Xicheng
Tel: 8610-5833-1211, 5833-1288
Mei Lanfang is the most famous performer of Beijing Opera and this theater was built in 2007 to honor him. Beijing’s most grand space for Beijing Opera has seven floors altogether with over a thousand seats, including five luxury rooms for serious VIPs.

Red Theater 红剧场 (Kung Fu Show)
Address: 44 Xingfu Dajie,Xicheng District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-67103671
The legend of Kung Fu: follows the story of a young boy found wandering outside an ancient temple. The show has English subtitles shown above the stage to keep you informed of the story line. The actors do not speak, the show is all Kung Fu, dance and acrobatics. It is the fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts which make this performance unique and spectacular. Book and enjoy the  “Legend of Kungfu” show with round way transfer to hotel, the price is only USD35.

Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre 正乙祠戏楼
Address: 220 Xiheyan Dajie,
Tel: 8610-8315-1649
This 340-year-old theater has a rich history, lots of Beijing Opera masters have performed here, including the grandmaster, Mei Lanfang. The theater can hold up to 150 people at the same time. Call first to see if they have seats.