Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge starts at Xiang Xi and zigzags for 76 kilometres (47 miles) down to Yichang . It is the longest and historically the most dangerous of the Yangtze gorges, the other gorges are Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge

Xiling Gorge is well-known for its rapids and currents. In Xiling Gorge, there are three dangerous rapids: Rapid Xie, Rapid Qing and Rapid Kongling, and four gorges: Dengying (Lamp Shadow) Gorge, Ox Gorge, Niugan Mafei (Ox Liver & Horse Lung) Gorge and Bingshu Baojian (Tactics Book & Double-Edged Sword) Gorge.

The entire gorge area is full of steep mountains, deep valleys, dangerous rapids and submerged reefs. After the completion of the Gezhou Dam project, water level in the Three Gorges rises up and dangerous rapids and submerged reefs are all submerged deep under water, no longer a threat to boats and ships.