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Month: September 2016

  • 2 Days Huangshan Tour

    Huangshan ( 黄山 The Yellow Mountain) is located in Huangshan City, Anhui province, next to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Huangshan is dubbed as the “NO.1 Mountain Under the Heaven”. There is […]

  • Zhangjiajie 3 Days Tour

    Zhangjiajie (Zhāngjiājiè, 张家界) is a a World Heritage Site and a World Geopark. It is located in China’s Hunan province and has a large amount of quartzite-sandstone formations. The high-rising peaks and […]

  • List of Huangshan Tourist Spots Entrance Ticket

    Here we share a list of the main entrance ticket prices in Huangshan area, hope it can help foreign travelers: The Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) 黄山 Admission Fee: CNY 230 (Mar. […]

  • Fun Things to Do in Zhangjiajie

    Imagine immersing yourself in a sea of cloud, discovering lush hidden valleys or driving up winding roads that lead to a mountain paradise. These are just a few experiences you […]

  • Top Natural Attractions in Huangshan

    If the thought of China mainly conjures up dynamic city skylines and buildings that disappear into the clouds, you should, perhaps, make an effort to acquaint yourself with this country’s […]

  • Wutai Mountain, Pingyao 3 Days Tour

    Mount Wutai, or Wutai Shan in Chinese, is a Buddhist sacred place in China. It is known as place of Manjushri. There are dozens of buddhist temples in this area. […]


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