Mutianyu Great Wall (Mù tián yù chángchéng 慕田峪长城) is famous for its breath-taking scenery. And it is less crowded than Badaling Great Wall. It is the most popular great wall section among foreign travelers. Mutianyu Great Wall is 70 km northeast of Beijing can be reached by several ways. Many tourists ask us about how to get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing, here is our detailed guide of Mutianyu Great Wall transportation.

By Public Bus

Unlike Badaling Great Wall, which can be reached by direct bus 877 and Beijing Public Tourist Bus Line 1, there is no direct bus to Mutianyu from downtown Beijing. You need to take connecting buses to Mutianyu.

Bus 916 Express (916快) Connecting with bus H36 or H24 or H35

route of bus 916 express

Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (东直门交通枢纽) to Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城)

Bus 916 Express (916快) is the most convenient bus to Mutianyu Great Wall. Take the bus from Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (Dōngzhímén jiāotōng shūniǔ 东直门交通枢纽) and get off at Huairou Beidajie (怀柔北大街), then go to the opposite road side to take bus H36 and get off at Xinying Lukou (辛营路口), then walk 100 meters to the entrance of the Great Wall. If take H24 or H35, get off at Mutianyu Huandao (慕田峪环岛), and continue walk ahead for 600 meters.

1. The bus 916 Express (916快) is available from 5:50 – 19:50, the ticket price is RMB12. It is 6 Yuan if you use Beijing Yikatong (Yīkǎtōng 一卡通, public transit card).
2. Please note the bus is 916快, not bus 916. both can take you to same stop but the latter have more stops and takes more time.
3. The bus H36 and H24 is available from 6:20 to 17:40.
3. The whole trip takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Advise to take early morning bus in order to avoid the crowd.

How to Get to Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (东直门交通枢纽)

subway sign of dongzhimen bus transfer hub

Take subway line 2 or 13 and get out from Exit H. Then you see the plate board “公交换乘厅” (Bus Transfer Hall), go up the elevator, you will reach the transport hub. Mutianyu-bound Bus 916 Express (916 快车) is at the front of Exit H.

Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城)- Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (东直门交通枢纽)

Take bus H36 from Xinying Lukou (辛营路口, the opposite side stop when you arrives), get off at Huairou Beidajie (怀柔北大街).
Or take H24 and H35 from Mutianyu Huandao(慕田峪环岛) and get off at Huairou Beidajie (怀柔北大街).

Then walk across the road to take bus 916 Express (916快车) back to the Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (东直门交通枢纽).

1. The back bus H36 is available 07:50-18:30.  916 Express (916快) is available 4:50-18:50.
2. Advise to take earlier bus back, better before 15:00 in order to avoid the crowd.

Bus 936 or 867 connecting with Bus H23  (The bus 867 already stopped running after Aug 21, 2017)

route of bus 867 and 936

Dongzhimen Wai (东直门外) to Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城)

You can take public bus 936 from Dongzhimen Wai (东直门外) Bus Station, then get off at Yujiayua (于家园), exchange at the same stop and take bus H23, get off at Mutianyu Huandao (慕田峪环岛), then continue walk ahead for 600 meters to the entrance of the Mutianyu.


1. Bus 936 is available from 6:40-19:10, single way ticket price is 14 Yuan.
2. This transportation plan takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.

How to get to Dongzhimen Wai (东直门外) Bus Station

how to get to dongzhimen wai bus station

Take subway line 2 or 13 and get out from Exit E. Then walk east for about 100 meters and turn left for 300 meters. Mutianyu-bound Bus 936 is at the same place.

Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城)to Dongzhimen Wai (东直门外)

Take bus H23 from Mutianyu Huandao (慕田峪环岛, the opposite side stop when you arrives), get off at Yujiayua (于家园) and cotinue walk along the road for about 300 meters and to take bus 936 back to the Dongzhimen Wai (东直门外)

1.The back bus H23 is available 6:00-19:00. Bus 936 is available 4:35-17:00.
2.Advise to take earlier bus back, better before 15:00 in order to avoid the crowd.

Mutianyu Ferry Shuttle Bus

The ticket office is 2.5 km from the starting point of Mutianyu, travelers need to buy a ferry shuttle bus ticket to get to the starting point, the one way ticket is 10 Yuan and round way is 15 Yuan.

Mutianyu Great Wall Ticket and Opening Hours

mutianyu great wall

Ticket Price: RMB45
Opening Hours: 7:00-18:30 (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31); 7:30-17:30 (Nov. 1 to Mar. 31)
Ferry Shuttle Bus: RMB10 (single trip); RMB15 (round trip)
Cable Car: RMB100 (single trip); RMB120 (round trip)
Toboggan: RMB100 (single trip); RMB120 (round trip)
Official website:

Mutianyu Great Wall Map (click the map to enlarge)

Mutianyu Great Wall Map
Mutianyu Great Wall Map

 Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Tips

1. There are 23 towers on the Mutianyu for about 3000 meters.
2. The advised visiting time is 2 hours.
3. The best time to visit Mutianyu is in spring and autumn. In winter better to visit Badaling Great Wall.
4. It is more cold and windy on the Great Wall in winter. Prepare warm clothes, gloves and hat.
5. The bottled water and food on the wall is very expensive, take some waters and food with you when climbing the wall.

Hiring Private Car to Mutianyu Great Wall

private car to mutianyu great wall

Hiring a private car to Mutianyu Great Wall is the most convenient way. It is the best choice for family tourists or a party of several travelers.  Check the rate below and contact us if you want to have a hassle-free Mutianyu trip.

Passat or similar $130 for 8 hours
Buick GL8 or similar $150 for 8 hours
For car rental please send email to

Mutianyu Great Wall Coach Tours

If you do not want to arrange transportation yourself and want to make things easier. You can consider our guided coach tours to Mutianyu Great wall. This is one of the best ways to see Great Wall of China. We offer daily departure seat-in-coach tours to Mutianyu. The tour includes hotel pick up and drop off, shared air-con coach, English speaking guide and Chinese lunch. All these are offered at affordable prices. Check the tours as follows:

Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour – $40/person  No Shopping Tour
Mutianyu Great Wall + Ming Tombs – $30/person

Let us know if you have any question about Mutianyu Great Wall transportation. Leave your comment below and we will answer each of your question as soon as possible.