China is blessed with nature’s spectaculars and there are amazing activities for travelers to experience. You can experience trekking on amazing mountains and to the mystical places. Even simple visit countryside takes you into completely different world. With China, discover new culture, new people and experience things never experienced before. Here is guide to have fun in china.

China City

1. Yangtze River

The third largest river in the world, Yangtze River, offers you a chance to experience amazing cruise trip. It takes three days, taking you through the amazing scenic route. There are different types of cruise services depending on the amount you are willing to pay. However, it is sure you will see the beautiful gorges, steep cliff faces, hilltop villages and many amazing things. River trip originates from both Chongqing and Yichang. Do the booking in advance and do not miss this mini adventure.

2. Adventures at Mountain Ranges

China is country were mountains are considered sacred such as Shan and has one of the most amazing temples at their peaks. You can trek to these temples and monuments. Although, most places do have transportation facilities but hiking or trekking is your opportunity to experience scenic beauty of China. You can also join the local pilgrimages to experience their culture and religion. UNESCO world heritage site Emei Shan and Wutai Shan are one of the sacred mountains you can go for Mian Shan is another, which is located near Beijing. It offers amazing views of the valley, caves and underground.

3. Biking along the Ancient China Walls

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Few things left of ancient China’s are well-preserved walls. Especially, at Xian and Pingyao walls are wonderful for biking and walking. In Xian, the wall extends over 13 kilometers, which takes around 90 minutes on bike. In ancient time, these walls were part of military defensive system. There are several viewpoints along the wall from where you get the amazing view. Similarly, Pingyao’s wall also offer great view of city with in the walls and its neighbours on outside. However, the wall stretches only 6 kilometers, which is great for walking.

4. Explore the Ancient China

China has history that goes back thousands of years. If you love exploring, you must try to explore local villages to experience the local life. Fun thing about exploring is to go without a map, but it would be wise to take someone who knows local language to help you learn more China do have oldest traditions in the world, so visit a local Chinese family and spend some time with them.

5. Chinese food

You might have experienced Chinese food in restaurants of London but eating in the streets of China is completely different. You would see some amazing dishes that you might not have tasted before. Sometimes you might not even know what the dishes is about but just look of it will compel you to try it visiting a local family for lunch or dinner would be another great idea to taste what Chinese people eat.