The ancient City Wall in Xian is the best preserved, oldest and largest ancient city defense system in China. Xian was the capital of thirteen different Chinese dynasties, so the need for a defensive structure such as the city wall was imperative. Visitors to Xian rarely fail to miss, or be impressed by the grandness and simple beauty of the wall.

Xian Ancient City Wall
Xian Ancient City Wall

City Wall of Xian is an extension of the old Tang Dynasty structure, as a result of the wall-building campaign ordered by Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of Ming Dynasty. After the enlargement, the city wall stands 12 meters, 12-14 meters across the top, 15-18 meters thick at bottom and 13.7 kilometers in length with deep moats surrounding it. It boasts the most complete city wall to have survived through China’s long history.

Cycling the Xi’an City Wall was a great way to spend a day! Enter the wall via the South Gate. The bike hire place is on top of the wall itself near the South Gate Tower. Start walking around the wall in an anti-clockwise direction. The South Gate Tower had been converted into a sales area specializing in silk, paintings and sculptures. The second floor of the tower offered commanding views of the streets outside the city walls, along the city wall itself, and into the city within the confines of the walls extending to the Bell Tower.

Daily available between 8:00 – 18:00.
Address: Around the old Xi’an City, Shaanxi, China
Ticket Price (in RMB): Entrance Fee RMB 40

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