Many tourists ask me about the entrance ticket fees of tourist attractions in Guilin and Yangshuo. Here I create a list about the entrance fees of the major tourist attractions in Guilin & Yangshuo as follows:

Guilin Li River
Guilin Li River

Guilin (桂林)

Reed Flute Cave (芦笛岩)

Admission Fee: CNY 120
Opening Hours:
April to November: 7:30-18:00
December to March: 08:00 to 17:30

Li River Cruise (漓江游船)

Cruise Ticket: Guilin to Yangshuo (one way trip) CNY 260
Duriation: 4-5 Hours
Departure Pier: Zhujiang Pier (Foreign Tourists)
Boarding Time: 9am; 9:30am, everyday
Arrival Pier: Shui Dongmen Pier, Yangshuo (close to West Street)
One Day Guilin Li River Cruise Tour – USD90 per person

Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山)

Admission Fee: CNY 75
Opening Hours:
April to October: 6:30 – 19:00
November to March: 7:00 – 18:30

Seven Stars Park (七星公园)

Admission Fee: CNY 75
Opening Hours:
March to November: 06:00 to 19:30
December to next February: 06:30 to 19:00

Fubo Hill (伏波山)

Addmission Fee: RMB 30
Opening Hours:
April to November 06:30-18:00
December to March 06:00-18:30

Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces (Longji Rice Terraces) (龙脊梯田)

Admission Fee: CNY 80
Opening Hours: 08:30 – 17:30
Address: 90 km north of Guilin
One Day Longji Rice Terraces Tour – USD90 per person


Yangshuo West Street (阳朔西街)

Admission Fee: free

Xingping Town (兴平镇)

Admission Fee: CNY 5

Moon Hill & Big Banyan (月亮山,大榕树)

Admission Fee: CNY 20
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 18:30

Impression Sanjie Liu (印象刘三姐)

Admission Fee: CNY 198
Show Time: First run: 19:45; Second run: 21:20