Beijing restaurant serves a wide range of foods. The menus of the Beijing restaurants include a variety of light snacks as well as filling foods suitable for a heavy meal. Popular snacks include the pancake Jianbing guozi. Lamb kebabs also comprise as one of the more popular snack foods.

The restaurants below are listed under five headings: Gastronomic, Business, Personal Recommendations, Trendy and Budget, with three restaurants in each section, thus giving a small sampling of the city’s good food.

Bei Ping Lou Restaurant 北平楼酒楼

This is a traditional Beijing restaurant, offering all kinds of Beijing local snacks. As well as the delicious dishes, the decoration of the restaurant is also impressive. The waiter wears a short gown with a towel hanging over his shoulder. When entering the restaurant, you will be taken back to the old Beijing in 1930s.
Average Cost per Person: CNY40

Dao Jia Chang Restaurant 到家尝酒楼

Guangxi Men Beili 20, Chaoyang East 010/6422-1078
For an authentic traditional dining experience, Dao Jia Chang, Beijing provides you just the right ambience and feel. What easily stands out here is the ambience that is a bit unusual from what you may find at the other Chinese Restaurants in Beijing . Chaotic, loud and local – this is what aptly defines the surroundings at Dao Jia Chang, Beijing. Meal for 2 ¥40-¥60 ($5-$8)

Da Zhai Men Restaurant, Beijing 大宅门

Inside to Asian Villiage, call in advance It is a converted 18th century Chinese home (Da Zhai Men) into a restaurant. All the waiter and waitress are dressed in traditional Chinese gown and food will be served in a basket from the kitchen. All pavillions are converted into individual dining rooms. There is also a central hall for those who prefer to be seen… The surrouding are covered with nice floral garden with koi fish pond. Call the restaurant for direction when you are in a taxi. It is not easy to locate as it is located in the hutong.

Yueming Lou 月明楼

21A Ya’er Hutong, Shichahai , Xicheng district 6400-2069
A three story restaurant that serves lao Beijing Cai in a traditional environment. Head up to the third floor roof terrace for panoramic views of the lake and surrouding hutongs. Verify prices when you order some patrons fell they`ve been gouged here.

Jiu Men Da Hutong Restaurant 九门大胡同

No. 6 building, Xibahe Zhongli, Chaoyang District 6464-5130
The restaurant offers roast food on the 1st floor and home-cooking dishes on the 2nd floor. The large private room can contain 20 people; the small private room can contain 5 people. The environment of the restaurant is full of the old Beijing characters. Average Cost : ¥30

Qi Tian Lou 齐天楼 Chaoyang District 64240023

Great home-style food extra large portions. The menu is really extensive and they have a great and reasonably priced Peking Duck (Kao Ya). Their Gong Bao Ji Ding and Jing Jiang Rou Si are also highly recommended. Also, no matter what you order, it comes in super-sizes. This can be extremely economical if you have many mouths to feed.

Li Jia Cai Restaurant 刘家菜

11, Yangfang hutong, Denei Dajie 64005912
An Imperial cuisine gem. This intimate but exclusive restaurant by Houhai Lake serves set-priced menus that are high on both quality and price, yet steeped in historical significance. The owner’s grandfather worked in the imperial kitchens, and smuggled out the Empress’ recipes, which are still adhered to even today. Bookings essential.
Cost : RMB 40 per person.

Sha Guo Ju砂锅居

60 Xisi Nandajie , Xicheng district 6606-1874
Sha Guo Ju Restaurant is an old time restaurant that serves excellent Beijing style food. Bai Zhu Rou dish is a favorite amongst diners and the joint claims that some of the dishes served were developed by the Qing Dynasty nobility. Overall its a decent place to enjoy local home-style cooking at reasonable cost.

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