Namtso Lake in Tibet

Namtso Lake is 100 kilometers south of the Lhasa city. It is 70 kilometers long from the east to the west and is 30 kilometers wide from the south to the north, covering an area of 1,920 square kilometers and with an altitude of 4,718 meters.

In Tibetan, Namtso means ‘Heavenly Lake’. It is famous for its high altitude and beautiful scenery. Being the second largest saltwater lake in China only after Qinghai Lake, Namtso lake is the highest saltwater lake in the world.

Namtso Lake is surrounded by a tremendous dike – Nyantsentanglha Mountain. In the local legend, Namtso Lake and Nyantsentanglha are a pair of beloved couple, living together and deeply attached to each other. As a matter of fact, Namtso relies on Nyantsentanglha as the melting of snow on the mountain is the source of Namtso. Just because of this pure source, the water is exceptionally clear. When wind roars on the plateau, the lake waves and the blue-green waves are gleaming. Singing streams converge into the clean sapphire blue lake, which looks like a huge mirror framed and dotted with flowers.

You had better go to visit the Namtso Lake from June to September, because Namtso Lake will not be allowed to visit by the heavy snow from October to November. Therefore, summer is the best time for visiting the Namtso Lake.

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