Dong Lai Shun
This laozihao uses traditional copper devices that heat the cooking water with coals. Their lamb is consistently fresh and of a high-quality, while their shaobing will impress the most finicky of gourmands. Hot Pot

Wangfujing/Dongdan 王府井/东单 area
5/F, Xindong’an Plaza, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District
6528 0932
Daily 11am-9.30pm
Parking available
All chinese and foreign credit cards accepted

Huang Cheng Lao Ma
This swanky and crowded Sichuan hot pot restaurant is famous for its laoma niurou (mama’s beef), which becomes more tender the longer you boil it. Great place for large group dinners, although prices are higher than other comparable hot pots. Hot Pot
CBD Xuanwu West CBD CBD area
39 Nanqingfengzha Houjie, Dabeiyao, Chaoyang District
6779 8801
Daily 11am-11pm
Parking available
All chinese and foreign credit cards accepted

Little Sheep
Nationwide chain serves mutton hot pot with a twist: a special cumin-based broth. No dipping sauce required. Hot Pot

Dongzhimen Temple of Heaven Dongzhimen 东直门 area
209 Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District
8400 1669
Daily 24hours
Chinese bank cards accepted

Temple of Heaven 天坛 area
Northwest corner of Caishikou intersection, Xuanwu District
6316 6668
Daily 11am-11pm
Chinese bank cards accepted

Ding Ding Xiang
The secret is in the sauce: this popular hot pot place has delicious, savory sesame dipping sauce to accompany the goods: lamb, lots of lamb. One of the cleaner mutton hot pot places in town, albeit with gruff, unhelpful service. Voted “Best Hot Pot” in our 2008 Reader Restaurant Awards. Hot Pot
CBD Dongzhimen Dongzhimen Zizhuyuan Park CBD CBD area
6/F, Shin Kong Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District
6530 5997/7172
Daily 11am-10pm
WiFi wireless internet access
Parking available
No Smoking sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards accepted

Dongzhimen 东直门 area
2/F, Yuanjia International Apartments, Dongzhimenwai, Dongzhong Jie (opposite East Gate Plaza), Dongcheng District
6417 9289
Daily 11am-10pm
Parking available
No Smoking sections
Chinese bank cards accepted

Zizhuyuan Park 紫竹院 area
Bldg 7, Guoxing Jiayuan, Shouti Nanlu, Haidian District
8835 7775/7779
Daily 10am-10pm
Parking available
Chinese bank cards accepted

Fuhua Feiniu
With as many laowai as Chinese customers, this crowd-pleasing Muslim hot pot restaurant has invested where it really counts: fresh meat and veggies and stand-out sesame sauce.
Chaoyang Park Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园 area
3 Zaoying Beile, Maizidian, Chaoyang District
6586 7195
Daily 10am-10pm

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