Dear Peter,

we have returned home. Thank you again for our Beijing Tour – it was most enjoyable and great value; and a special thank you to Mae, our guide, who did a splendid job that day.

max & joyce taylor


Hi Peter! Would like to thank you for such a great tour today. We really enjoyed so much. Your tour guide Lee is very kind & accommodating as well.

Till next trip again ?. Thanks.

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Gina Reyes 2016.4.10



Dear Peter,

First of all I want to apologize for the inconvenient phone call. I thought everyone in the group knew in advance that they need to pack their things in a smaller bag. It turned out that it wasn’t for that night, but for the tomorrow night. I was upset cause I didn’t want to be different not knowing anything. In the end it all turned out good.

And I want to thank you for suggesting me a Chinese tour. No one else did. If you didn’t, I would have never seen such beautiful and interesting landscapes. I wanted to see Yuanyang rice terraces and Dongchuan Red Land. In the end, EVERYTHING was worth seeing.

And the accommodation was more than basic!!!! I was more than happy. I believe I was a bit of a challenge for Mark, the guide, but he’s a good person, wanting to help.

Once again, big thank you for the unforgettable Yunnan and other 2 tours from Guilin as well. I’m really grateful.

I want to encourage you to invite other western travellers on this tour. The quality of the trip is really good.

Kindest regards,
On 28 Nov 2015


Huangshan Beihai

Hello Peter,

Thank you Peter. We are loving China. We have been to many countries in Asia and we think China is our favorite. The food is great, the subway is really easy to use and the sight-seeing is wonderful. Everyone we have met has been lovely and very helpful.

We had a lovely time at Huangshan Mountains as it is truly one of the most beautiful places we have been. The tour guide Alla and the drivers were all very helpful. Alla is lovely and really interesting to talk to. I learned so much about China’s history and about current events from talking to her. I told her how much I like tea so she arranged a tea ceremony for me in Old Street Huangshan. It was a very special event and I learned a lot about how to prepare and drink tea.

The only suggestion that I have is to include a map of the mountains in the tour cost as I wish that I had a map so that I could plan where to walk as we really just followed what Alla told us, but we would have liked to find certain features but did not know where they were. knew where exactly I was. There are maps along the walking trails but they only show part of the trek.

Thankyou for all your help organizing this trip. I will be recommending you and your company to anyone who is travelling to China and will contact you again when I am planning our next trip.


Louise Wigg customer reviews

Louise Wigg
2015. December 20


travlers with guide in XianHi,

Firstly I’d like to thank Peter for all your help during my recent trip to china! It was a great time and I was so impressed by the sites and the country.

Secondly, I’d like to especially thank and acknowledge the tour guide I had in Xian – Li Le. He was excellent – very helpful, great information about the sites, good English, and very lovely. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to do a day tour in Xian. He was the best tour guide I had during my whole time in China (I prob had about 7 different people during this time)

I hope there is opportunity for this feedback to be provided to him.

Linda Anderson
Date: 2 October 2015


Thanks a lot for the bike tour.
We had great time, and enjoyed it very much
We have so good bike tour. Thank youuuuuuu!
Hilla & Gadi, 27 Sep 2015

Dear Peter,

The trip was great!! Thank you so much. Also compliments to the guide and the driver. I’ll recommend your organisation to my colleagues of KLM.

Kind regards,

Margreet van Dalen, 06 June, 2015

Hello Peter

The trip is doing fine thanks.
We are now heading to Lu’an. First driver made some mistakes during the first trip but we arrived on time, nothing negative a part from that. Second driver is definetely more experienced and with better driving capabilities. Best regards,
Marco Cavallero, April 13, 2015

Mutianyu great wall travel guest  I joined Mutianyu Great Wall on Jan 9, 2015. This is a fantastic tour covering Mutianyu, Ming Tomb and Olympic center with cost only USD30. The guide is helpful and knows the tourist attractions well.

Thank you

BALCER ZOFIA, Poland, Jan 10, 2015


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