Ethnic Minorities in China
Ethnic Minorities in China

China has 56 ethnic groups. Han nationality takes up over 90% of China’s population, There are 55 ethnic minorities in China. Most of them live in the backward west part, where they have kept their unique cultures and customs for several thousand years, so traveling to there areas will give a very unique experience.

Below are some big ethnic minorities.

Zhuang Minority
The Zhuang ethnic minority is China’s largest minority group. Most of the Zhuangs live in southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Limestone is widely distributed in the Zhuang area, which is known round the world for its karst topography. Guilin, a tourist attraction in Guangxi, is an excellent example of such landscape.

Miao Minority
The Miao poeople are mainly distributed across Guizhou, Yunnan and Hunan. On the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and in some remote mountainous areas, Miao villages are scattered on mountain slopes and plains with easy access to transport links. The Miao people are good at singing and dancing. Their songs are very pleasant, rhyming and affecting and with a very deep emotional content. The Miao’s dances include the lusheng dance, drum dance and bench dance.

Mongolian Ethnic Minority
The Mongol Ethnic Minority members mainly reside in North China in Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is a place where the smell of horses and grass fields, paired with clear skies and open fields. Traveling to Inner-Mongolia area will be a special experience. You may try activities such as Mongolian wrestling, horse & camel riding, rodeo competitions, archery, visiting traditional families.