Yangtze River
Yangtze River

Yangtze Three Gorges starts from Fengjie of Chongqing and ends in Yichang, extending some 193KM, passing Wushan, Badong and Zigui Towns. Each of the towns had a history of 2000 years.Hiking the Yangtze Three Gorges is one of the top tour routes in China. Walking through this route, you can see the colored clouds over the mountain peaks along the Yangtze Gorges, fleets of modern and man-powered boats sailing are just under your feet. Lush growing broad beam, wheat and potato plants of green color in the fields and the hillsides provide you strong sense of nature, while pink peach flowers and yellow rapeseed flower make the villages look like natural gardens. Who can resist the temptation of the fantastic scenery? And what is more, here the creative Chinese people are constructing the world biggest Dam of hydra-power plant – you will also witness the “modern Great Wall “erecting in the Yangtze water!

With the completion of the second phase of the Three Gorges Project, the pool level of newly –formed reservoir reaches 139 meters above sea level, actually 40m higher than before, some Ancient Plank Roads are inundated under water. And the boatmen’s song has also become memory. However, we go to the Yangtze Three Gorges in order to keep this tourism quintessence and to find out the lost memory.

Tour Code: YR01
Destinations: Chongqing, Fengjie. Qutang, Wu and Xiling Gorges, Three Gorges Dam. Yichang
Departure: Daily
Duration: 6 days
Language: English
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Equipment:   Easy walking shoes, Cane, Telescope, Raincoat, First-aid Kit

Details    (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

Day 1 Chongqing – Fengjie (L.D)
After breakfast we will take a bus journey (500km) to Fengjie in some 6 hour along nice highway today, with a stop somewhere in the midway. Arrive at Fengjie town late in the afternoon.

Fengjie is the first town when you go downstream along the Yangtze Gorges. Known as a town of poetry, almost all famous men of letters of China in Tang Dynasty (618AD-960AD) and Song Dynasty (960AD-1279AD) visited here and left a great number of poems behind them.

Overnight at Fengjie Hotel.

Qutang Gorge
Qutang Gorge

Day 2. Qutang Gorge Hike (B.L.D)
After breakfast and take a light pack and depart for our first day hiking. Transfer to the White Emoeror town in about 45 minutes before taking a ferry boat across the stream. Hiking along Qutang Gorge starting from White Emperor City, the city can be dated back to 1800 years ago, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Period (220AD-280AD), Emperor Liu Bei was defeated and died here, which is a story known to all Chinese students. Hike all the way along the Red Armor Mountains with green fields, board beans and potato plants on the hillsides. This is the best spot viewing the magnificent and majestic Qutang Gorge. Today’s hiking is approximate 10KM, about 6 hours.

Qutang Gorge, the first of the three gorges of the Yangtze River, and the one that is famous for its sheer and spectacular precipices. When you visit Qutang Gorge, you will find uniquely beautiful natural formations greeting you from every direction. In this section, the Yangtze River carves its way through the gorge between the sheer precipices that frame both sides of the river. Qutang’s widest point is more than 150 meters (500 feet) and its narrowest point is about tens of meters. Two mountains, the Red Passage Mountain (Chijia Shan) to the north and the White Salt Mountain (Baiyan Shan) to the south, form the Kui Men entrance (Kui Gate). The steep precipices form a giant door where the tumultuous Yangtse bursts through in an exciting rush of rolling and roaring water. At the western entrance of the Yangtze Three Gorges, the Qutang Gorge is only 8km long, yet it is known as the most magnificent, with sheer cliff on either side of the river, present a grand view. In Qing Dynasty (1644AD-1911AD), Poet Zhang Wentao described: No matter how marvelous your writing brush is, hardly you could give a description well enough for this Nature beauty!

Overnight at Wushan Hotel or Home Stay.

Day 3 Wu Gorge Hiking (B.L.D)
Breakfast at 7:30am, Check out the hotel with all your belongings and depart for the daily hiking. Today’s hiking is about 7 hours along the mid Wushan Gorge, an unforgettable experience for hiking lovers. You will be able to see peaks such as Scissors Peak and Songluan peaks, and the famous Goddess Peak. Do not forget to practice your Chinese Terms “NI HAO ( Hallo)” to greet the local friendly villagers. We will settle down at local farmer’s houses and have your dinner while enjoying beautiful mountain peaks. Overnight at farmer’s house.

Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge

Wushan town is a county seat, deep in the mountain area. Situated at the confluence of the Yangtze and its very small tributary the Danning River, here is a popular port.

Wu Gorge is the most beautiful section of the Yangtze River, 45 kilometers (28 miles) long, extending from the mouth of the Daning River in the west to the north-bank town of Guandukou, in Badong County, in the east. Flanked by high peaks that are often capped by fog or clouds, the twelve mountain peaks are lined by the river banks, presenting the Gorge a world-known gorgeous view. For thousands of years, man of letters and painters of China would specially come here with a tremendous admiration of natural beauty. Truly, it would be an unforgettable experience for you to hike through those famous attractions.

Wu Gorge sees 12 high peaks, which are described by legend as being 12 fairy spirits. The best known is Shennu Feng (Goddess) Peak, which is topped by a large rock that resembles a sculpture of a girl looking down upon the boats in the river. The rock is about ten meters high and six meters in width, and stands atop a 1,020 meter on the north side of the Yangtze. It is said that this rock resembling the figure of a beautiful maiden is actually the embodiment of Yao Ji, the youngest daughter of the Heavenly Mother. Yao Ji became a protector of the people, guiding sailing boats through the gorge and easing the Yangtze’s infamous floods.

Day 4 Wu Mountain Hiking (B.L.D.)
Enjoy local style breakfast at a the farmer’s guest house, hot noodle with fried egg for breakfast is a common practice for this area. Pan cake is available as well.  Depart for the daily hiking tour at Wu Mountain area along the Yangtze . Today is a light hike about 2 hours, an unforgettable hiking experience.Return to Wushan town in the afternoon by motor boat for supper and accommodation in Wushan town.

Three Gorges Dam
Three Gorges Dam

Day 5 Boat ride and hiking to ‘Chain Cliff’ along the Yangtze River Bank. (B.L.D.)
Breakfast at hotel and then transfer to Badong by speedy boat. Then start hiking to “Chain Cliff” along the Yangtze River Bank. Here we will have your final leg of Yangtze hike and enjoy the stunning beauty at the mouth of the gorge. “Chain Cliff” is hoped that pins and c